CWM - The Good Samaritan

The Christian Women Ministry of Burger Presbytery became a Good Samaritan to the little innocent souls of Bosele School for the Blind in Hlogotlou Circuit. Various assorted articles and goods were donated to the needy kids of this school in a special function organized by the Women brigade of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA)

Why Bosele School?
Gemsbokspruit Skool, which is today known as Motsephiri Primary School, had an offshoot (sub-branch) established at Mmotwaneng Village. The offshoot was also called Gemsbokspruit Skool and it had one teacher Mr. Mabuza and three learners from Mmotwaneng Village.
The enrolment was low because Mmotwaneng Village had only three households by then. Gemsbokspruit Skool of Mmotwaneng was later called Onane Primary School. Bosele School started shortly after the establishment of Onane Primary School. Reverent Malan, the Missionary who established both branches of Gemsbokspruit Skool, found a need to establish a school for the handicapped and blind children in the area. He conducted home visits during his Mission work and managed to get a number of learners. Initially Bosele School had one learner, a girl.
The school grew fast because Reverent Malan took an initiative of visiting families and transported learners to school with his lorry. Gemsbokspruit Skool (Motsephiri Primary School), Gemsbokspruit Skool (Onane Primary School) and Bosele School were established by Reverent Malan and Missionaries of Nedersuitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) which is now called The Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa. There is an inherent relationship between Bosele School and URCSA, hence the decision of Christian Women Ministry to assist this school despite the fact that it is no more an absolute Mission School.

Who were the ring leaders?
The Presbyterial President of CWM, Mme Moruti Mamabolo led the crew which organized the event. The crew included amongst others, Mme Moruti Mukhari who was responsible for meals and catering, the Presbyterial Committee of CWM which coordinated all congregations and ensured that messages were properly conveyed, Moruti Moraswi, Mme Moruti Raboshakga, Mme Moruti Banda, Sekhukhuneland CWM who were the hosts, Mme. Shabangu who was responsible for décor and members of the youth brigade Sekhukhuneland Christian Youth Ministry who played a pivotal role in cleaning and preparing the venue to bring it to an acceptable and appreciable standard.

Wow..! What an event!
Various forms of articles including matrasses, toothpaste, toiletry, washing powders, tin-stuff food, bathing towels and many others were donated to Bosele School. In her speech, the Presbyterial President of CWM Mme Moruti Mamabolo, stated categorically clear that it wasn’t an easy road to organize this event. She indicated that it took them more than two years to make this dream come true. However, she further proclaimed that the event marked the start of good things from the Ministry.

Our Culture, Our heritage
Few hours after Bosele School event, Sekhukhuneland URCSA conducted her annual Heritage celebration at Monsterlus ward. The event was graced by the availability of dignitaries such as Mrs. Seraki and Mrs. Sekhukhune both from Maroteng Royal Kraal. The theme addressed the importance of Culture in our lives and the role that Christians should play in upholding culture and tradition.
Values and morals such as respect were also addressed. The representative of Christian youth Ministry made an emphasis on the importance of addressing the challenge of substance abuse as it destructs the youth and affects the Church negatively. Besides, the problem of early involvement in sexual matters was also discouraged in strongest possible terms. Young people were encouraged to learn from their own culture and tradition and to concentrate largely on education in preparation for their future. Activities of the day ranged from Gumboots dance, dinaka, Cultural attire parade and Awards which were aimed at motivating the recipients to double efforts for the enhancement of the Church and the Ministries in particular. Mrs Ndhlovu scooped the Best Sepedi dresser, Mrs. Mahlangu was best in IsiNdebele, Best in IsiZulu attire was Mrs. Sihlangu and Best Modern IsiZulu was scooped by Mokolo Mary. Phokwane Sunday School kids were the best in Cultural performance.
Their renditions indicated that they were seriously ready for this august event. The Church would like to thank their teachers for the work so splendidly done. Keep it up Phokwane! It was indeed a weekend of love, joy peace and happiness in Sekhukhuneland Compiled by Sihlangu SS

The Ministry

Launched shortly after the inception of URCSA in 1994, Christian Women’s Ministry abbreviated as CWM is the oldest of the four(4) Ministries (namely CYM, CWL, CWM and CMM) constituting Sekhukhuneland Congregation of URCSA. Ever since this Ministry had been the pillar of this congregation. Even in trying times when the congregation faced unbearable spiritual and financial constraints; it survived through the assistance of this Ministry.

CWM’s motto is “Women in the service of Christ and His Church” and basically is striving to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To actively extend the Christian faith and to oppose that which conflicts it.
  • To further spiritual life by daily reading of the scripture, or to have it read and by praying daily.
  • To encourage others to have family prayers and to do likewise.
  • To encourage faithful attendance of all church services and prayer meetings.
  • To encourage mothers to bring up their children in a Christian manner, that they may honor their parents, superiors and elderly people, and to desire a Christian marriage.
  • To encourage prayer according to Matthew 6:6 and also with other believers.
  • To empower women to participate in effecting change in the community in a Christian manner.
  • To encourage purity of thought, speech and life.
  •  To help the church to take the lead in and preserving creation.
  • To encourage the church to minister to the poor as the scripture demands it.
  •  To encourage the development of a community of children, youth, men and women in the church.
  •  To strive for equality in the Christian community.

Plan of Action

See the congregational Year Plan in Plans and Programmes folder for all planned activities for the Ministry as approved by the Church Council

Additional Information - For Enrichment

CWM Conference 2015

In trying to establish the impact of the conference on lives of ordinary members of the Ministry, one of the attendees shared her experiences with us as follows:

“Through this conference I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.

The Sekhukhuneland Christian Women Ministry (CWM) held its Annual conference at Bosele School for the Blind on the 02 – 04 October 2015

This was one of the remarkable events of the Church of Christ in this congregation.  Informative reports and speeches provided by various speakers could not go unnoticed. They all made this an event worth attending indeed.

The Ministry’s members from various corners of the congregation attended to this august occasion supported by other Ministries of the Church

In her opening prelude, Mma Moruti Nchabeleng read from Joshua 1: 5-6. “Ga go na e a tlogo ema ge o fihla mehla yohle ya go phela ga gago. Ke tlo ema le wena bjalo ka ge ke be ke ema le Moshe. Nka se ke ka go lahla, nka se ke ka go tlogela. Tiisa Maatla o dire senna ka gobane ke wena o tlogo thopa naga yeo nna ke e enetṧego botatabo ka re ke tla ba nea yona y aba madulo a bona.”

She encouraged the Women to “get up their loins and fresh courage take”  She urged unity and preached progress in God’s work.

Friday activities reached a climax when the spiritual revival led by Mrs. Eva Lukhele  produced fireworks in soul searching and spiritual emancipation. Hebrews 11: 1 – 3 brought into context the importance of faith in a Christian life. The revival focused solely on faith and its fruits in human life. Women shared information on the importance of applying faith when dealing with various situations and challenges of life

Hebrews 12: 1-3 put more emphasis on faith and the importance of remaining focused in times of difficulties. The revival was indeed the most powerful event for the first day of the conference.

After the debates and discussions of annual reports presented by the leadership, new members were robbed. It was a blessing for the Ministry to gain more members from various wards.  Colossians 3:10  guided the on what they should do in their new endeavor. 

Crowning it all was the discussion on Substance and drug abuse and Sexually Transmitted Infections. This very informative session was outlined by officials from the Department of Health.

In a nutshell, CWM conference was more than a success. The Ministry would like to thank God for making everything possible.

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