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Welcome to URCSA

Facing the aftermath of COVID 19 with christian faith

The prevalence of COVID 19 pandemic gave us Christian an opportunity to reflect on our faith and put our believes on scale. We could realize that indeed we are praising a wonderful, merciful and caring God who protected us and accorded us another opportunity to live.  Now we understand the essence of Hosanna 316, O! Mohau wa Modimo ke kwetsa e kaakang.  The mercy of the Almighty God was not bestowed on us for sweet nothing. We are given a second chance for a reason. There is a purpose for us to fulfill hence our living.

As we are to live with Coronavirus for years if not decades to come, we need to link behaviour change work with people’s faith. Be it messages around vaccinations, hand-washing, burial practices or distancing, the desired behaviour change will only happen if it  connects to something of significance within individuals. I know because I have seen this in action, and heard it directly from people. Faith is at the heart of this. It is a critical factor guiding the daily lives of 80% of the world’s population. If we as people of faith can help link technical information to religious values and practices, people are much more likely to embrace the change.


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