Different from the Christian Women’s Ministry is the Christian Women’s League which is a vibrant Ministry in Sekhukhuneland congregation catering for the welfare and interests of the members of the congregation as a whole.

CWL is the newest of all Ministries in Sekhukhuneland yet its activities and commitment of its members has gained it honour and popularity  in the congregation.


Launching of this Ministry was made possible mainly because of its objectives. Among others, CWL is aiming at:

  • Assisting with spiritual and social upliftment regarding natural disasters e.g floods, fire etc.
  • Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS by giving education on sexually transmitted diseases, their cause and preventative measures as well as other diseases such as cholera, malaria etc
  • Addressing social Problems such as women and child abuse and inform the community about available resources
  • Raising funds in order to assist in projects within the church and the community


Planned Activities

See the Congregational Year Programme for all planned activities for the Ministry as approved by the Church Council.

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