Congregational Ministries

Sekhukhuneland URCSA Congregational Ministries  upholds that the Congregation lives as a family of God (Koinonia), bound to one another, mutually sharing joy and sorrow, each considering the other higher than him/her, accepting responsibility for one another’s spiritual and physical needs in mutual care for one another and in mutual sharing of one another’s burdens.

Responsibilities of this commission in Sekhukhuneland Congregation are, but not limited to the following:

  • Coordinating and harmonizing CMM, CYM, CWL, CWM
  • Instruction in baptism and covenant
  • Sunday School functioning
  • Organizing Catechism
  • Arranging leadership workshop
  • Organizing, developing, supporting and sustaining church choir and the Worship Team
  • Taking care of the live of the congregation as the family of God (Koinonia), in sorrow, in joy, etc

Besides the aforementioned responsibilities the Congregational Ministries Commission is also taking special care of the following  duties some of which it shares with other Commissions:

The commission is ensuring that Pre-marriage counselling, Marriage Counselling and  marriage enrichment programmes are carried within the congregation. These could be done either by the Minister of Word in his capacity as a Commissioner of oath or delegated members of this commission  who are reporting directly to the Minister.

The Commission is also responsible for the mutual care and spiritual support to the divorcees and single parents

People with disabilities such as learners of Bosele School for the Blind and Deaf get assistance from this commission.

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