Proclamation & Worship

The Sekhukhuneland Congregation of URCSA acknowledges that the worship service as a public gathering is central  to meeting with God and the fellowship of believers where proclamation of the word takes place, sacraments are shared, prayers are offered, hymns are sung and offerings brought, keeping in mind how this is done in other congregations, so that members can freely participate when attending services in other congregations.

Related to this is the progressive teaching of the Word and doctrine of the Church to all baptized members, who confess their faith as well as further teachings, instructions according to individual circumstances.

It remains the responsibility of the Proclamation and worship Commission within the Church Council of Sekhukhuneland congregation to ensure that the following are done to the satisfaction of the entire congregation

Proclamation and Worship Commission in Sekhukhuneland Congregation is thus  responsible for:

  • Drawing and monitoring the Preachers year program. This assists in Managing the activities of the congregation as it consists of 18 Wards which are geographically sparsely distributed.
  • Preparing events programmes, e.g.  Ash-Wednesday, Easter Activities,  thanksgiving events, Puno, Mothers and Fathers Days, Heritage Day, and  above all it facilitates sound  Ecumenical relations
  • Seeing to it that sacraments are well administered (This refers to both the Holy Communion and the Holy Baptism)
  • Supervising the smooth running and management of prayer meetings at ward level
  • Arranging preachers training and workshop together with congregational ministry

In addition to this core duties, the Proclamation and Worship Commission in this Congregation is also taking special care of the following:

  • The Commission ensures that funeral services of members of the Church are of an acceptable standard and a conducted in line with Church and family expectation
  • It facilitates compliance to the Doctrine of the Church and establishes a link amongst wards of the congregation.


Commission's Report 1 of 2015

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